Summer Fun

As the Labor Day bell tolls, and we say goodbye to the long, hot days of Summer, we want to take a minute to reflect on the terrific experience we had during our two weeks of Summer Art Camp, here at Art House 103.

The camp was offered in 3-hour blocks for 5 consecutive days. Each day began with a new theme, and a creative snack was offered in between projects. One day we might have used a water/fish theme to decoupage an ocean night light, or try our hand at Gyotaku print-making, which is the ancient Japanese art of printing with fish. Another day we might have introduced an artist, such as Wayne Thibeaud, and tried to replicate his work with deserts, by using donuts as still life subjects, which then became our snack!

We had a lot of fun with tie-dye, and water guns, and shaving cream. But the most exciting day, by far, was our Action Jackson (Pollock) Day. For those of you who do not know, Jackson Pollack was an American artist who is most known for his prominence in the Abstract Expressionist Movement. He would drip, and swirl, and throw paint onto his canvas with great energy, which coined the phrase "Action Painting." At Art House 103, we began our day with a discussion about Abstract Expressionism, and the children learned 4 or 5 techniques to use in their own works of art. We made shaving cream paintings, marble and whiffle ball paintings, balloon dart paintings and even some spin art. Finally, we ended the day with a large Expressionist mural, where the students were encouraged to use their new techniques, and try to use their whole body when applying the paint. They used gestural movements when painting, and then whacked giant flyswatters on the page. They dipped string in paint to use on their mural, and threw paint for a splatter-effect. Finally, they squirted spray bottles of watercolor to top it all off. It was messy and splendid!

We want to thank all of the families that participated in our first Summer Art Camp. Because of the wonderful feedback from all of you, we are proud and excited to announce the continuation of classes this Fall, beginning October 3, 2017. Please check the Calendar on our website at, and don't hesitate to email or call with any questions of concerns you may have. See you in a few weeks!

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