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Right now, the studio is quiet and I'm looking forward to how much fun it will when we are able reopen!  In the meantime, our Spring sessions have been held weekly on ZOOM with all the materials for the projects provided to you via free delivery. I've been busy creating DIY ART KITS, and there are more exciting things happening soon: 

Summer Camps

Virtual Ladies Night

Coming Soon! Virtual Draw-Along Classes!

Hi, I'm Miss Kelli...


Art-making and children are two of my passions. I have loved making art since grade school, when I took private art lessons for a number of years. In college, I took as many fine art classes as I could while completing my BA in Graphic Design, and earning my MS degree in Marketing/New Media. However, the last decade has seen a drastic change in the field of graphic arts; those changes made me realize that I  want to be working with my hands, not tied to a computer. For more than 7 years I have volunteered my time educating grades K-12 in the galleries at the MFA in Boston. Teaching children to think and see like artists is inspiring. Watching my own two children grow and learn has made me realize how transforming a spark of inspiration can be to a child's perspective—about their abilities, and about themselves—which has brought me to this new venture.

I believe that if we raise the bar on our children's education and experiences, they will meet our expectations every time. That being said, our kids today are over-scheduled and stressed. It is my hope that Art House 103 will serve as a comfortable, happy environment where kids can use their down time to experiment with rich, engaging materials, while using their instincts to make choices without the added pressure of making it perfect.

  New Website and Fall Registration at www.ArtHouseLab.com 

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A Process-Based Art Studio For Kids

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