There is no such thing as creative people and non-creative people. There are only people who
use their creativity and people who don't.
                                                                 —Brene Brown
a process art studio for kids of all ages
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Hello! Welcome to Art House 103.


We are a relatively new after-school art club in the Bates School neighborhood of Wellesley, Massachusetts. Currently, we offer art and craft classes to students in grades PreK-5. Unlike other studios you may have visited, we are process-based and product-focused. Which means we enjoy immersing ourselves in a good messy project, but also care that the end result shows individuality and good craftsmanship. We do our best to include a little art history, art aesthetic, constructive critiques, community and fun, while working hard. Hands-on mixed media art making may include anything from drawing, painting, collage, and fiber arts, to printmaking, clay work, 3D sculpture, assemblage, and up-cycled art.


At Art House 103, we believe there is magic in the doing and making of art, and mess is something to be celebrated!  It is our mission to build your child's confidence through exploratory art-making and play, while creating work that makes each artist proud.

Virtual Summer Camps


Grades 1-4 |  10:00am–2:00pm

All in-studio activities and special events have been cancelled at this time, and will not resume until further notice from Health officials. We will gather again in time, as soon as it is safe for everyone. 

kids painting and coloring
Group Classes for Kids

Each child will be encouraged to work and think like an artist through the process of exploration and personal expression. Each 5-week workshop is loosely focused around a theme. Artists build skills, make mistakes, and discover solutions, while  creating unique, meaningful art. Whether drawing, painting, gluing, stitching, or building, they will use their hands and hearts to observe and explore in a space where there is no right or wrong. Up to 10 students per class.  

Special Events

Evening or weekend workshops can
be arranged in studio or at an event
of your choice, and
will be loosely themed around a single topic, material, or challenge. All materials included. 
In-studio capacity is 12-15 people. 

Please contact Kelli to customize your private party.

103 Westgate Road

Wellesley, MA 02481

A Process-Based Art Studio For Kids

Tel: 781-235-1505

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